how you can help




As you know, we have no government financial support and no fixed asset income. We are totally dependent on donations to sustain our rescue, care and resettlement efforts, reduce dog overpopulation by providing free sterilization programs, and build a more compassionate and responsible society.


No matter how much you choose to donate, your donation will help us save more animals from suffering and provide them with the care and love they need. Your contribution will also help us to share the cost of veterinary and medical expenses, and provide adequate nutrition for the dog.


Every love will bring warmth and light to lovely animals. No matter how much you donate, it will bring change to animals in need.




If you're not ready to adopt, or you might have an animal but still want to help another, then sponsorship might be for you! You can sponsor him at any time he needs until he finds a permanent home, and your kindness will change the lives of animals.


You can do this by sponsoring his monthly food or annual health care.


You can choose to sponsor food. With a $20 donation, you will become a food sponsor for the specific dog of your choice, providing him or her with enough nutrition for a month.


You can also choose to sponsor health care. With an annual donation of $60, you will become a health sponsor for the specific animal of your choice and cover the basic medical care needed throughout the year: regular vaccinations against fleas and parasites.




If you are able in time and energy, welcome to participate in volunteer activities. Volunteers are divided into two forms: daily part-time volunteers and volunteers for community publicity activities during holidays. Please make a decision according to your schedule. For further information, please contact us at


Donate things you no longer need


You can donate items your dog no longer needs: old toys, collars, seat belts, leashes, clothes, food containers, old dog beds, crates or other utility items.


Consider donating them instead of just throwing them away. Your actions will make some animals happier.


For further information, please contact us at


Sharing and dissemination


Please share our video/photo on the social media page to help promote the animals who need new homes. Sharing a profile of your adopted animal with your followers is a simple process that takes almost no time or effort, but can be a great way to bridge the gap between animals in need of a permanent home and a caring person, and to help them find their perfect partner.