Adoption Procedure



The adoption of animals is an important part of the animal rescue cause. The purpose of our institution is to find the most suitable home for the animals we treat, so that they can live happily in their new home and receive love and care. All of our animals are adopted for free. The procedures are straightforward and there is no intermediary link. We do not charge any adoption fee.


All animals offered for adoption are vaccinated, those who reach the age line are sterilized and have complete medical records.


If we can't find a suitable adoptive family in China, our animals will also be adopted by foreigners. The adopter may collect the animal directly from our agency in person or contact any authorized pet travel agency/company (by road or by air) to send it, but in this case, the adopter is responsible for the transportation fee charged by the pet travel agency. Animal safety is our primary consideration, so if the adopter entrusts us to deliver the animal to a travel agency, we must first check their references and ensure that their animal welfare policy ensures safe travel without risk to the animal. We are responsible for all the documents required for the trip, including the veterinary authorization and other related procedures.


The adoption request can be sent to by email and we will reply soon. We will provide questionnaires and forms to prospective applicants. We will then ask them to provide the name, characteristics and any thoughts you have about the specific animal, as well as details of the applicant's family and personal life and work.


We value good matching between adoptees and adoptees, not just adoption intentions. This process is extremely important for both the adoptee and the adopted animal, as it relates to the quality of life and mental state in the future. If we have any questions about the match between the animal and the adopter, the application is likely to be rejected.


In the first year of adoption, we will have a monthly video interview with the adoptee to exchange the nursing experience of the adopted animal, pay attention to the psychological adjustment of the animal, and share the sweetness and joy of this process.