About us

We are a regional homeless animal rescue organization, has been committed to the homeless animal rescue, treatment, shelter, provide suitable living conditions for animals, to ensure that each animal can receive adequate nutrition food and warm and comfortable accommodation. Here, the animals are no longer lonely and melancholy, they are enjoying the playfulness of their companions, they can be well cared for by the staff, and a large number of volunteers are constantly coming to visit them. All of this has made our institution known as an animal sanctuary.


There are two main ways for us to receive and treat animals. One is to receive a call from the public telling us to find stray animals, disabled animals and abandoned animals. Another common form is people taking the initiative to send their animals to our shelter. No matter how the animals come to us, they will be well cared for and they will say goodbye to their painful past and start a new life. Some of the animals we receive will be adopted by enthusiastic people, mainly from local areas, but also from other areas. Others will be temporarily adopted by other charities, pending final adoption.


Unfortunately, due to limited funds, inadequate equipment and personnel, our current assistance is limited to the region. We were unable to respond to a distress call from outside the area. Our goal is to do our best to promote the cause of animal rescue, do a good job in everything, expand the influence of our team, drive the animal rescue work in the surrounding areas, and then form a nationwide rescue network, to completely change the backward situation of animal rescue in China.


We are a non-profit social welfare organization that does not rely on any financial support from the government or any source of income from fixed assets. All the funds needed for its operation are donated by enthusiastic people. Each love is like a stream of love. Although it is very small, the countless streams of love will eventually become an ocean of love and warm every corner of the world.